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Branding Guidelines:

Please refer to artist as “CFLO” in one word, all caps, no spaces. Also specifically not  “DJ CFLO.” If flyer content language has to include DJ, please use “music by” or something similar in referring to CFLO. all social media handles are @djcflo

Social Links for @djcflo: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook


CFLO carries a distinctive style and personality that make his show completely unique to the DJ scene. As an open-format DJ, CFLO utilizes various genres to captivate crowds of all ages and interests. His digital productions have collectively reached over eighteen million hits online and received attention & accolades from many popular online outlets. Having DJ’d in clubs for more than a decade, and with a resume that includes more than 18 states, CFLO cultivates a vibe at his show and pushes the energy of the dance floor throughout the night. His creative drive is apparent in his live DJ sets, showcasing his talents as a remix artist and consistently keeping the crowds coming back for more.